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2008 - Reports/photos/videos/afterparty For Brixton 28-02-2008

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That was a bit clumsy way to post, sorry, I could have put everything in one post. Any way, I added two old videos from Brixton Academy. Randomly saw them in my archives the other day. They are from f

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It did! I got a bit frustated thinking: No, not again:shocked:

And then when I (finally) got online with the MFC there were only 6 members...


Yeah, I've just posted in the Bar, I thought I'd been redirected to Mikasounds by mistake..........






Cheap shot I know!:blink:

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I was really welling up when Mikey presented those flowers...awwwww dang my hormones :naughty: .


I do get the impression Mika is very fondly thought of by the people around him; maybe that sounds obvious and trite, but you know what I mean!



*crying again, must pull myself together :naughty: *

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I was really welling up when Mikey presented those flowers...awwwww dang my hormones :naughty: .


I do get the impression Mika is very fondly thought of by the people around him; maybe that sounds obvious and trite, but you know what I mean!



*crying again, must pull myself together :naughty: *


I know what you mean! They seems like such a close knit group.


to read about Danika's experience with Yasmine, go here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1211646&posted=1#post1211646

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So cute! :wub2: Thank you!

It means that i'm not the only one! We're too excited for that forum! :naughty:


It was terrible :shocked: While reading all this the forum went down. It took me an hour to come back :shocked:

That vid is so lovely, watched it already3 times :thumb_yello:

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So happy right now, just bought myself a nice new Mika poster off of Amazon. Only have the one I bought at Hammy Monday night as of present. Anyway was looking online and saw that Yasmine designed T-Shirt they were selling at Hammy for about £18-£20 (I liked the black one). Just got it alot cheaper - didn't have enough money on me at the time when I went on Monday - and so wanted one.


Oh and it's xxlarge



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Videos, more reports- LOVELY. Thank you to everybody who posted those:thumb_yello: It's 7am and i need to head out to school in a few minutes, but its fantastic to get to hear about everything now! I'll be back later to comment more!

Thank You AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! it as been a FECKING AMAZING tour and I cant wait for the new album and till he comes back here!


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Of course there are great reports! The gig was fantastic even though we were right at the back again.


A few things have happened this week and in no way could I say I am unlucky, but for those who followed Mika around the room and stopped him being able to speak to everyone, their stories will be very different from mine, and the people already mentioned who waited their turn which never came. Include in that group Haeschen, Yoppa, Kata and quite a few others.


So, afterparty, sounds great! And it was, I mean how many artists would do this? Kudos to Mika and his management, the idea was fabulous. But some people took more advantage of the situation than others.

Left with a slightly bad taste in my mouth, feeling sorry, especially for the young ones like Jennie and Laura, who have queued all week, been pushed and shoved, robbed of their spots in the queue, and finally, not been able to speak to Mika at the end.


For me, even though the sentiment was spot on, Mika may as well have been in the alley by the back door on his way to his car, it was just like that, but inside.




he was soo sweet - he signed their tops - few words - he was obviously shattered and needed a break so we didnt go for photos - just said thanks for a fab year and that we would see him on the next tour - but maybe I wouldnt be at the front - he laughed tapped me on the arm and said "yeah right!!"


awwwww bless


we then left so that others could have their time .


such a sweetheart!!


The good and the bad...


Thanks for the good news Carrie! Glad your daughter got her shirt signed! :thumb_yello:



Oh babs....so the list has grown for the unfortunate MFCers who waited patiently and didn't get their turn:












and neeve never even got a wristband...(But I think you needed to be the first 70 in line)


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HM really disappointed to hear what happened at the afterparty, if it really was that bad...even more disappointed to hear MFCers involved. What bothers me is, as others raised b4, the fact that we're waiting to be official, and who knows this is a lil trial to see how it goes and now those selfish few spoilt it for everyone. I mean omg he was gonna meet everyone and mingle but instead they went against the rules and by so doing, who wouldn't get frustrated and so instead of everyone getting a lil time with him, not everyone did, which defeated the whole purpose! I mean they should be so happy to even get to the afterparty! He did something so nice and i think it was quite generous of him, at a time we think it's harder to reach him, and then ppl abused it :no:

on a happier note, Rak1 and Sariflor...amaaazing! i'm so not jealous :mf_rosetinted:

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Part 2

To cut all long story short:

Another interview at party, Andy said they all think I'd make a great tv presenter.

Mika singled me out in his speech, saying all the fans were great even the ones in the silly animal costumes, to which I replied no need to worry, the penguins retiring tonight. To which he replied so we'll get something bigger and better then, so I said I'm only short what do you expect from me. He asked what was next, and I told him he'd have to wait and see, heh heh!

Bearing in mind this conversation was happening over the heads of about 40 people, as he was by the bar,and I was stood on a bench seat the other side of the room!

I got a pic with Mikey (FINALLY!)and pinned him down to sign the flag, also got John to sign it too. Almost got Luke, (who was with his brother tonight) but me and Avoca got distracted by John, heh heh.

Talked to Cherrise, took some photos of her with Jemma and a couple of other people, spoke with Yasmine, told her that her brother was mad following me round with a camera for 3 months, which she thought was funny.

Talked quickly to Martin, who was with his wife(lovely lady, must have the patience of a saint, bless her), before he launched into singing Happy Birthday to one lady, and our Dani, who looked quite shocked by it.

Then the final interview with Andy, who got me to admit that Mika is now the greastest singer between him and JC Chasez, which I wouldn't do before, but because of the Champagne reception I had to conceed Mika,a puts on awicked meet & greet;-)

Then it looked like Mika was about to leave, but Avoca was on a mission to help me sign the flag. So we stood in front of him, which isn't easy, when he keeps zigzagging around the crowd.

Finally we were face to face, and the first thing he said to me was,"All this time, and I still don't know your real name" So I told him what it was, and I mentioned that he signed it on my vinyl copy of LT at HMV last year, but he said "You expect me to remember that far back!" So I said far enough. Then we got talking about my job, which he strangely remembered that I'm a courier, but can't remember my name!

He then signed the flag with "Mikaxxx, Dear Rose, better name than penguin"

The things that make him SO great!

Then I had 3 photos with him, taken by him!

He didn't like the first 2 but was happy with the 3rd.




Rose , this is amazing.:wub2:

I really am happy for you as i know how considerate and kind you are to to others. ........ not only have you met Mika though this week but also JO WHILEY !............. i know because i was there for the post meeting reaction!:naughty: Sorry i was not able to share this one with you last night but i'm so happy for you.:wink2:

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